Botox & Fillers: Appointments Post Lockdown

It’s safe to say Covid-19 has turned the aesthetics industry upside-down. It’s true that treatments like hair colouring and nail care have been able to carry on in the comfort of our own homes but in the case of medical aesthetics, it’s a different story.

Treatments like Botox and dermal fillers can only be performed safely in a medical setting with a qualified injector, so, unfortunately, there has been no alternative during the lockdown period allowing people to continue with these.

So now that clinics are slowly re-opening, what’s going to change in the way dermal fillers and Botox are offered?

The effect of Zoom

The Zoom boom has been huge during the lockdown, allowing people to maintain relationships, friendships and to continue working.

It’s also made its mark on medical aesthetics, with people contacting clinicians as a direct response to the way they look on video. Dr Tijion Esho, one of the UK’s leading medical aesthetic doctors told Harper’s Bazaar that he had around 10-15 consultations a day with patients who “seem to be driven, or triggered by how they look on Zoom, leading them to seek injectable treatments.”

This could become a worry where individuals’ self-esteem and confidence are concerned, however, Zoom has demonstrated that technology like video calls can be effectively used for patient education.

Screenings & PPE to become commonplace

Face-to-face appointments as we know them, will change. Patients will be asked to wear shoe covers, face masks and gloves and this kit will remain on unless you are asked to remove it where appropriate.

Your temperature will be taken, to check for signs of fever, this being one of the principal symptoms of coronavirus.

No overlapping appointments

It’s expected that appointments will work on a one-in, one-out and time slot basis so that patients don’t cross paths inside the practice environment.

It’ll also give clinics more time to do a deep clean and carry out post-procedure before the next patient arrives.

Consultations, admin & assessments will be done remotely

Many clinics will carry out pre-treatment admin and even the consultation appointment preceding the dermal fillers and Botox procedures, remotely.

It’s likely that there will be FDA issued guidelines about how dermal fillers and Botox treatment will be carried out, until a vaccine for Covid-19 is made widely available.

Social media to become a significant tool for clinics

As mentioned above, clinics will turn to social media to educate patients on protocols. It’s likely that we’ll see a huge increase in how frequently clinics use channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as opposed to updating their website, to give patients a regular and digestible news flow on any changes to the way they’re operating.

If you’re planning on visiting a clinic, remember to be considerate of other patients. 😊

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  • Ava Smith says:

    Will definitely be looking to go to a skin clinic after lockdown ends. My skin needs it! I’m contemplating whether to get dermal fillers since this year has been so stressful. These tips are really helpful for me since I haven’t had a clue about how bookings were going to work.