Skin NV: A Doctor-Led Aesthetics Clinic

We love having the opportunity to review some of the best aesthetics clinics around England – it’s something we feel privileged to be doing. We hope our readers benefit from the testimonials we give.

This week’s featuring clinic is Skin NV, based in South West London, in Elm Bank Gardens, Barnes. The clinic is big on celebrating the individuality of its patients, aiming to deliver treatment that is as unique as they are, whether it’s for the face or body or to address specific conditions. The Skin NV team’s commitment to delivering treatment stretches beyond what most clinics offer: patients can access online sessions. It’s an ideal choice of clinic for busy people with time and practical constraints.

The Skin NV Philosophy: Purpose, Belief, Aftercare

The foundation of Skin NV is appealing to anyone looking for high-quality medical aesthetics treatment. Dr Natasha Verma, owner and Clinical Director of SkinNV, has a clearcut philosophy when considering what it means to invest in your skin and your long-term well-being:

‘Looking after yourself is not a treat; it’s a lifestyle.’
Dr Natasha

All Your Skincare Needs In One Place

Skin NV is a haven for all your medical skincare needs, offering facial and body treatments. Something as important as your skin should be in the hands of true professionals, and you shouldn’t have to go to multiple clinics for different treatments.

Skin NV offers a breadth of non-surgical medical aesthetics treatments. Their treatment selection has been carefully curated based on the science supporting clinically-proven treatments and the needs and expectations of their discerning patients. Injectable facial treatments such as hyaluronic-based fillers and wrinkle correction treatments are offered to prevent and eliminate signs of ageing, improve symmetry, and reduce and eliminate scarring. Meanwhile, condition-orientated treatments like acne and pigmentation treatment can also be accessed. But it’s not just treatments for the face that are available.

Finding a clinic that can maintain quality across such a vast menu of treatments is hard to find – but Skin NV has mastered this art down to a tee.

A Stunning Clinic With A Boutique Vibe

The initial in-clinic consultation includes a personalised skincare regime and fully tailored lifestyle and nutritional guidance. This boutique feel and approach made it easy to relax in new surroundings (going to a new clinical environment for the first time can feel a little daunting!).

The conversation with Dr Natasha was beneficial: not only is she a natural listener, but we were also sent away with helpful information such as what kind of ingredients to look for when choosing products, information about the correct percentages of active ingredients to look for, and an honest assessment of the skin concerns we had, and what it would take to improve them.

Asian Beauty and Skin Specialists

Dr Natasha and her team have the capacity and knowledge to help you, whatever your skin type. They can also offer specialist skin and hair care for Asian skin. They appreciate the specific differences that set Asians apart, including:

  • Hair: the clinic understands that Asians can be conscious about their hair condition, a symbol of femininity in Asia. Hair loss can be more obvious in comparison to hair loss in Caucasians.
  • Products: Asian-specific products contain ingredients, which penetrate through the thicker dermis that Asian skin characteristically has.

As an Asian woman, Dr Natasha Verma understands the particular aesthetic hair and skin concerns Asian patients have (she has been nicknamed ‘The Asian Skin Doctor’). Dr Verma is also deemed an expert in the management of acne, hair loss and dark circles in Asian patients.

A Little More About Dr Natasha Verma

Dr Natasha Verma has over 10 years of experience in numerous dental and surgical specialities. She also offers treatment for gummy smiles and tooth grinding (she is fully registered with the General Dental Council).


Why Have A Dental Professional Perform Your Skin Rejuvenation Treatment?

Skin rejuvenation and dentistry are much more intertwined than you might think.

Consider how much dentists must study a person’s face, the musculature, the blood supply, anatomy how their facial features are balanced, and how much planning they do when mapping out how cosmetic treatment can change their facial makeup. Then consider the dexterity they need to perform these treatments successfully. They are the only medical professionals that carry out injections multiple times on a daily basis. There is a huge crossover into skin rejuvenation treatment, which many dentists now perform up and down England.

We highly recommend seeing a medical professional like Dr Natasha for treatment that involves remodelling skin, even if it is non-surgical. As a dentist, and head & neck surgeon, she is well-placed to deliver more predictable and safe treatment. As mentioned above, she is particularly experienced at carrying this out for those with Asian (Indian) heritage.

Don’t Forget To Read Those Reviews!

Want to know more about what patients of Skin NV think of their experience at the clinic? Take a look at their Google reviews. When choosing a new clinic for skincare treatment (non-surgical or surgical), we suggest doing your research first, which should always include checking out the reviews.

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  • Olivia says:

    I had been battling with excessive sweating before seeing Dr Verma at SkinNV and it was so bad it was affecting my self-confidence. A friend recommended her and she has been with me throughout the journey. My sweating has drastically improved and they are so attentive and patient with their clients. A very well-managed clinic and very clean and soothing as well.

  • Sophia Rogers says:

    The personalized skincare regime and nutritional guidance at Skin NV sound fantastic! It’s so reassuring to know that they focus on individuality and take the time to listen to their patients. Can’t wait for my consultation.

  • Jessica says:

    I had an amazing experience with Dr. Verma. During my consultation at her clinic, she genuinely listened to my concerns about acne scarring and recommended some excellent skincare products that were perfect for my skin. Not only that, but she also created a personalized microneedling treatment plan to address my specific skin issues. I’ve been receiving the treatments at her clinic, and I can’t believe the improvement I’ve seen in my skin. Thanks to her expertise and the skincare plan she designed for me, I now use much less concealer and foundation because my skin looks so much better.

  • Francesca Hammond says:

    It’s truly inspiring to see Skin NV’s dedication to providing personalized care that goes beyond the norm. Their offering of online sessions is a game-changer for busy individuals, making high-quality aesthetic treatments accessible in today’s fast-paced world.

  • Angela says:

    Natasha went above and beyond to meet my needs, showing great care and consideration. She took the time to understand my goals and presented me with plenty of choices. She followed up in a respectful manner and promptly provided all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I wholeheartedly recommend her without hesitation.