How To Protect Your Hair From The Cold: 3 Top Tips

We don’t know about you, but here at Aesthetics Today we’re feeling the cold a little, especially now that the thought of Christmas isn’t here to warm us up! The cold can cause havoc with many things and one of them is your hair.

Use Argan Oil

Cold air is dry air and even if you don’t notice that the air is that much colder, your hair will certainly know about it. With less moisture in the air, it can become easily damaged and could be receiving insufficient hydration.

One of the answers to this is Argan Oil, a great friend to your hair – it’s basically what water is to human beings, but for hair. Argan Oil contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which all contribute to improving its elasticity and shine.

Wear a hat – but make sure it’s made of the right material

Cover your hair during the wintertime to stop the dry air, snow, and rain from taking away the moisture it needs to stay healthy. However, if your hat is made from fabrics like wool or cotton for example, be sure to line it with silk or satin to stop damage, as the former can cause breakage.

Cotton actually grabs your hair and twists it at the root, which is why many of us wake up with bed hair after sleeping on cotton sheets – it can also draw the moisture out.

Lower the temperature in the shower

This one may sound like utter madness seeing as we’re talking about tips for the WINTER!

Unfortunately, the combination of hot water and forgetting to give your hair a rinse afterwards can indeed, cause damage. Steam and hot water cause our pores to open, removing dirt/debris from our scalp. Hot water is good for your hair in the sense that it exfoliates your scalp, helping to unclog follicles. The issue is that over time, hot showers can damage the skin that sits on your scalp, impacting your hair’s ability to grow.

Make sure you give your hair a rinse with some cold water (as unappealing as that sounds!) as this will improve blood circulation, which in turn, helps to successfully deliver essential minerals and nutrients to your scalp.

How that you’ve got an arsenal of winter tips, you can go forth into the cold and whip your hair like a boss!

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  • Liz Davies says:

    I know it’s quite unusual, but I actually really like cold showers! I wash my body normally with warm to hot water but just before I finish I rinse my body and hair with cold water. It wakes me up in the morning, softens my hair, and makes me feel alive!

  • Emily says:

    Ive started wearing hats a lot recently, been loving the look and warmth 🙂 It seems to have paid off because its snowing where I am right now