Get That Amazing Summer Butt With A Brazilian Lift

Over the last few years, butt appreciation has really seen a resurgence! An attractive butt has become synonymous with beauty and even has its own emoji. Squatting has become commonplace for women in the gym. Bottom line (sorry, we couldn’t help it!) a juicy behind is in vogue.

If you’re looking to get your booty looking summer-ready for next year, Brazilian Butt Lift treatment might be for you.

Brazilian Butt Lift treatment: what are my options?

There are several options when it comes to getting a bit more volume and shape to your derrière. A general trend in the beauty world that has seen a monumental rise is the use of injectables. We’ve been using them to reduce wrinkles and lines in areas like the face and neck, so why not the butt? A non-surgical option, injectables use plumping formulas that trigger the body’s collagen production, so it’s your own body that’s responsible for the changes.

The surgical route involves either a fat graft (fat is taken using liposuction and relocated to your butt) or inserted implants. With the desire for less invasive treatment methods across many areas of beauty, expect to see an increase in non-surgical options over the next few years.

Get your butt ready for the summer 

Yes, British summer may feel like an eternity away. But if you’re thinking about having a Brazilian Butt Lift and you need some time to explore which treatment route might be for you, start doing your research now. If you’re going ahead with the surgical option, remember that the recovery time can be intense – you won’t be able to sit for around two weeks and the area will remain swollen for several weeks after that.

If this is a deal-breaker for you, non-surgical Brazilian Butt Lift treatment involves no recovery period, the injection sight just might be sore for a few days. As with other filler treatments, you might want to plan to have several sittings before the summer if you want to get the best results in time.

Why go for it?

In a fast-paced world where we’re all busier than ever before, non-surgical and less invasive treatments are what many of us are looking for. Filler treatments tick these boxes. As we all know, surgical treatments can come with risks and you might not get the results you wanted. Non-surgical options yield more natural and authentic-looking results and they’re non-permanent.

We hope this helps inform your chosen Brazilian Butt Lift treatment path!

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