Everything You Need to Know About Summer Hair Protection

We all know what the sun can do to our skin when it’s not protected. Well, the same applies to hair. As long hot summer days are a joy, they can be a mare for your hair.

Ensure you’re putting protective measures in place to shield your beautiful locks from damage this summer.

What exactly does the sun do to hair?

UV rays damage the outermost layer of your hair – the cuticle. When the cuticle becomes roughened due to sun damage, it can cause frizzy hair, equating to dry hair. Unfortunately, dry hair is prone to damage, whilst excess sweating can leave your hair looking lifeless.

Your hair health this summer: our tips

Wear a hat

The first tip is obvious, but it’s so easy to forget to wear a hat during the summertime. Even when the sun isn’t shining brightly, UV rays can still cause damage to it.

Using a silk hair wrap under your hat is also a great way to distribute the natural oils your scalp creates. If you have beautiful curls, silk is an excellent material for ensuring your curls don’t fall foul to the dreaded frizz monster!

Try a deep conditioning treatment

As your hair cuticle is more prone to damage during the summer. A deep conditioning treatment will help lock in the extra moisture your hair craves when it’s hot and sunny. Deep conditioners work their magic for longer than regular conditioners and offer better hydration for your hair.

If you’re a bit of a DIY person, using olive oil, almond milk, and avocado mixture once a week can also be a natural alternative to deep conditioning treatments.

Protect your hair before a dip

Protect your hair from the damage chlorine can do after a dip in the pool by washing it with fresh water first. As your hair is only capable of absorbing a certain amount of water, this will stop the chlorinated water from having an opportunity to harm your hair.

Avoid using heat-based devices on your hair

As we know, hair goes through a lot during the summer months. So, don’t burden it by using blow driers, straighteners and curlers, which administer additional heat, damaging it further. Let your hair dry naturally with the heat in the air if you can.

Don’t wash it too often

While washing your hair every day during the summer months can be incredibly tempting, this will only strip it of its natural oils. Use a dry shampoo containing as few ingredients as possible, and work it gently into your scalp using your fingers. Dry shampoo is highly adept at regulating oil production. Opting for one without a myriad of chemicals (most conventional shampoos contain numerous chemicals) will ensure your hair doesn’t suffer the knock-on effects these can have on your hair’s oil production.

Protect your hair colour

No one wants to get their hair dyed a lovely colour, especially for the summer, only to watch it gradually and prematurely fade away, no thanks to the sun.

Wear a hat, and use specially formulated products for coloured hair. Make sure you wash your hair using cool water, as hot water can dry out your hair and contribute to fading your colour.

So there you have it! Summer hair care for 2022 is sorted.

If there’s anything we’ve missed that worked wonders for you in the past, we’d love to know! Pop your suggestion in the comments.

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