The O-Shot – enjoy the sex life you deserve

There are numerous things that affect a woman’s sex life and sexual happiness – women endure quite a lot when it comes to the changes their bodies go through!

From childbirth and damage to pelvic tissues to hormonal changes during the menopause and decreased libido, there’s a fairly big list of possible factors that might quell a woman’s desire to have sex, including lack of confidence.

Enter the O-Shot. A new treatment developed to improve vaginal function, arousal and libido. On the surface, this sounds like it should be up there as one of the most controversial treatments around, but it has reportedly been producing noticeable results for patients.

You may have heard of the famous ‘vampire facial’ treatment that harnesses the power of your own blood to stimulate the growth of cells and tissues. The O-Shot (‘O’ short for orgasm, in case you hadn’t picked that one up yet!), uses the same technique. As blood flow increases, the vagina is rejuvenated and it’s not just limited to treating sexual health issues – it can also help with urinary incontinence.

The treatment, which takes as little as 10 minutes, has been said to have same-day results and improve confidence levels in women of varying ages – this is arguably the most noticeable benefit of treatment for many women. Feeling great about your sex life undoubtedly starts with confidence.

Removing the stigma surrounding vaginal health

As we age, none of us are exempt from experiencing problems with our eyes, ears, aches, and pains in our bones. Yet somehow, when we consider vaginal health, there is only a very quiet conversation going on about how the vagina is the same as any other body part – it ages and can require a bit of TLC, just as is the case with other bodily functions and parts.

Hopefully, treatments like the O-Shot will help to free up the fog surrounding the subject of women’s sexual happiness. This said, alongside the evolution of vaginal rejuvenation treatments, we should be working towards cultivating a better relationship with our vaginas and contributing to making vagina shaming a thing of the past.

We are still very early days when it comes to medical vaginal rejuvenation treatments and procedures and making sure you do your research before approaching a doctor to have such treatment is vital. Make sure you do your research and go to the most reputable practice you can find – your body and sexual health are precious and worth the best of the best!

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