Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared of Micro-Needling

I’m sure that by now you’ve heard of dermarollers or micro-needling. They do look quite scary, right? A quick search on google will show you a small device with loads of needles. First time I’ve heard about it, the idea of needles making tiny holes in my face wasn’t very appealing and I couldn’t really understand how that’s beneficial. I’ve heard people saying that they want to go through this procedure in order to reduce acne scarring, and I remember thinking: how is injuring your skin on purpose going to help you with that? Now, many years later I can definitely tell you that not only it can help with that, but there’s a whole other things it can be beneficial for.

As you know, when we age or experience trauma to the skin such as acne scarring, our collagen levels decrease. The Dermaroller Treatment or the Micro-Needling Therapy is a procedure meant to improve fine lines,treat scar tissue and reduce hyperpigmentation. It gently rejuvenates our skin by stimulating collagen production for younger and more luminous looking complexion.

The Dermaroller

In case you were wondering what a dermaroller is, this is a handheld device which has super fine needles. It is rolled over problematic areas producing thousands of super small punctures which kick start collagen production and encourage your dermis to regenerate and repair itself. A typical treatment lasts in average 30 minutes.

A number of concerns can be treated through this treatment including acne scarring, saggy skin and other signs of ageing as well as stretch marks. People usually have this treatment on their faces, however, many body areas can be treated as well. This is safe for all skin types.

A topical anaesthetic is used in order to numb the skin, making the procedure more comfortable. It usually takes around 30 minutes for the anaesthetic to kick in and after that, the procedure can start.

Common skin problems like acne scars, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity or stretch marks can be treated and Vitamin C or Collagen serums can be used after these treatments. They are known to enhance the effects of the procedure.

Still scared of dermarollers?

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