Coronavirus Updates

With testing times ahead for the whole world, we’re all endeavoring to look after ourselves and each other. This includes aesthetics clinics, many of which are still open so patients can receive the treatment they need and deserve.

Clinics are employing diligence nationwide, in an effort to keep environments coronavirus-free; here are some examples of how.

Washing hands on arrival

Clinics are placing hand sanitiser at reception desks and making sure every individual who comes through the door is washing their hands before going any further into the clinic. Washing your hands will be compulsory and you will be challenged if you refuse to do so, in the interests of everyone’s health. You’ll also have to wash your hands before you leave.

Reception staff will ask how you feel on arrival

To make sure patients who might be displaying symptoms don’t enter the clinic’s wider environment, patients will be asked at reception, whether they are showing signs of a sore throat, fever or persistent cough, all of which are the main symptoms associated with coronavirus. You will not be able to attend your appointment if you do have any of those symptoms – this is a wider NHS guideline and all doctor surgeries and hospitals will be enforcing the same rules.

Obviously sands are constantly shifting so keep your eye on the government advice each day.

Changes to waiting rooms

Non-essential items like books and newspapers, leaflets, and books have been removed in order to stamp outspread of the virus. Clinics will provide tissues and lidded non-touch bins and appointments will be reduced so there is a smaller number of patients in the clinic at one time.

Stay safe and healthy out there – from the team here at Aesthetics Today.

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