Give Yourself The Gift Of Beauty

The lead up to Christmas (and indeed Christmas itself) can be a testing time. And this year, things are unpredictable, making everything that bit more stressful.

If there has ever been a time to set aside some time and a little money for some ‘you’ time, it’s now! Get inspired with our list of ideas on how you can treat and pamper yourself this Christmas.

Invest in some Christmas nails

Your nails are as on display as your face is! If your nails are looking on fleek, there’s a good chance people will notice (and vice versa, if they look less than great)!

Not only do manicures and pedicures keep your nails clean, but they can also make them look super chic and novel, especially at Christmas time.

Think of all the cool designs you could get – think holly and mistletoe, tiny little gingerbread men or simply just a Christmas colour scheme.

Get a facial

Winter is a great time to get a facial, as this is generally the time when your skin needs some TLC.

A facial effectively hydrates your skin, counteracting the effects of cold temperatures, and reducing redness, often associated with winter skin.

If that wasn’t enough, many facial treatments have the power to permeate the skin with antioxidants and vitamins, protecting you from the elements. What better time than Christmas time to rejuvenate your skin, in time for the New Year?

Lie down for a massage

It’s fair to say 2020 has been a stressful one for many of us. What’s one of the best ways to wind down from high stress? A massage.

Put yourself in the hands of someone else for an hour or so and benefit from the relaxation qualities of a massage, which can be both physical and mental.

Massages help to improve physical ailments and symptoms like joint, back and shoulder pain and have been proven to reduce anxiety and depression. If you’re unsure what type of massage to go for (there are quite a few!) take a look at this article to inform what each can do for you.

Go for a sauna

Many saunas across the country reopened at the start of October (yay!) The simple concept of a sauna (getting really hot and sweaty) can work wonders for your body and soul in several ways.

Increased circulation will help your blood move around more quickly in the body, reducing issues like muscle soreness – this is why a lot of athletes use them after a workout.

Sweating may be a little gross, but it’s actually incredibly good for your body, helping it to flush out unwanted toxins.

As most of us don’t actively sweat during the day (especially if we haven’t exercised) a sauna is useful in making sure your body is expelling the lead, cadmium and arsenic which live deep in the skin.

Now go out and treat yourself to a pamper you deserve!


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  • Laura says:

    I could really do with going to a sauna! To detoxify my body right now would be amazing. Especially in this cold weather!

  • Amy says:

    Would love to get a facial right now! However, beauty clinics are still closed, can’t wait for them to open. My skin needs some rejuvination