Cosmetic Treatments To Consider In Your 20s

In your 20s, it’s hard to imagine ever looking anything but fresh-faced and youthful. But as we inch towards our late 20s, things slowly start to change and no matter who you are, ageing will come knocking.

Wising up on good skincare habits and treatments before the ageing process gets properly underway will help to make a big difference later in life, after all the saying goes ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’


Woman getting a microneedling treatment
Microneedling is non-surgical treatment that improves cell turnover and stimulates elastin and collagen production. A small handheld device makes tiny punctures in your skin and consequently the skin’s natural healing process is triggered, bringing about fresh blood supply and a new layer of skin.

Your 20s is a good time to start embracing microneedling, as youthful skin responds well to collagen stimulation using needles than when you grow older.

Laser tightening

Woman getting laser skin tightening treatment
If you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment to maintain fresh-looking and youthful skin, laser tightening is a great option. A flexible treatment, laser tightening can address loose skin virtually anywhere on the body; stomach, thighs, neck, chin – you name it.

Meanwhile, there is the issue of cellulite, which unfortunately doesn’t discriminate, affecting women in their 20s, right through into their senior years. If you’re struggling to tone up certain tenacious areas of cellulite, laser treatment is a great treatment to get you over the finish line. Remember though, diet and regular exercise will need to be on the cards if you want to maintain the results.

Chemical Peel

Chemical peel on woman's face
Chemical peels can improve a number of skin-related issues ranging from scarring, fine lines and wrinkles to oily skin, large pores and acne. There are three different kinds of chemical peel; superficial, medium and deep and depending on which you opt for, the healing period varies.

By removing dead skin cells from your skin’s surface, it prompts your body to activate its healing powers and regenerate new and healthier skin. Coupled with use of a daily moisturiser that incorporates a high SPF (at least 25), a chemical peel has the potential to improve skin tone, texture and health.

There is no single answer to how often you should have a chemical peel, as this depends on the results you’re looking to achieve, though generally this sits at around 4-6 weeks. You may need to have them less frequently if you already do regular facials.


Woman getting a facial
Regular facials at an aesthetic clinic are a great way to get ahead of the curve when it comes to protecting your skin from clogging and breakouts when you’re still young and indeed, as your get older.

In the U.K 60% of women aged between 20-24 are taking the contraceptive pill, which has strong links to hormonal changes that cause skin problems. Facials can help curb such issues as well as tackle blackheads, which are best seen to by a professional as it’s common to cause permanent skin damage using the DIY approach.


Combination treatment

Woman having multiple skin treatments

Who said you had to stop at just the one treatment?! Combining two or more cosmetic treatments is a popular option out there and can help to transform your whole facial aesthetic, whether you’re looking for a more natural look or something a little more on the ‘Hollywood’ side.

For example, why not try lip enhancement or nose reshaping treatment alongside a skincare treatment amongst those listed above? Be sure to approach a professional and reputable aesthetics clinic with staff who have medical training for any non-surgical (and indeed surgical!) aesthetics treatment, to keep you and your skin safe.

The takeaway

Just as it’s easier to maintain a fit body than to create one from the ground up, it’s easier to stay on top of healthy, glowing skin than to let things get out of hand. Investing in the aesthetics and health of your skin during your 20s when your skin is still collagen-rich is a fantastic investment that your older self will thank you for.


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  • Amanda says:

    Will definetly be getting a chemical peel soon. It will really really help with my acne scars and dark patches

  • Courtney says:

    I would like to get laser lightening after lockdown lifts later this year, to help with loose skin around my neck. Cant wait till the 12th April!