How To Erase Summer Sun Damage

There are few of us on this earth who don’t like a bit of sunshine and whilst it has many benefits, there are also the downsides. Namely, the damage too much sun-time can do. Whether you’ve been spending time in a hot or cold environment, you’re exposed to UV rays, which are no friend to your skin overtime. You’ll be pleased to hear there are remedies to repair sun-damaged skin!

A chemical peel

A popular and versatile treatment, chemical peels can address a variety of skin concerns including wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, pigmentation and sun-damaged skin. A chemical peel works by removing damaged skin, to excavate a new, healthy layer of skin.

Such treatment should only ever be performed by a medical aesthetician or dermatologist, who can examine your skin and tailor treatment to your particular needs. Obviously, everyone’s skin anatomy is different; the depth of the peel will depend on a variety of factors including ethnicity and skin health.

Whilst the results are not immediate, you will start to notice them emerge within a few days. Rejuvenate your skin ready for the colder months.

Laser treatment

Lasers have existed for over two decades (a testament to their popularity) and like chemical peels, can treat a number of skin conditions. Laser treatment is applied to targeted areas of sun-damaged skin and triggers healthy cell production, enzymes and cell growth – the collagen production prevents scar tissue from forming.

Further benefits of laser treatment for sun damage include improved blood circulation and reduced inflammation.

Adapt your skincare routine accordingly

During and after periods of increased sun exposure, adapting your skincare routine accordingly is a necessary move. One particular ingredient you should seek out when adapting your skincare routine to spending time in the sun is antioxidants. As they interrupt complex reactions in the body, this can reduce the onset of ageing and skin damage.

Hyaluronic acid is also an essential component for battling skin damage. It’s a natural substance found in the body and in replacing it, the volume in your skin is replenished, which in turn, smoothens out wrinkles and lines that have occurred as a result of sun damage.

Purchase a hyaluronic acid-based serum or moisturiser online from a number of reputable brands.

Sun damage: prevention rather than cure

Consistent sun exposure will eventually lead to premature signs of ageing, especially if you don’t employ the advice above into your skincare routine.

To prevent sun damage from happening in the first place, wear a hat, avoid the sun between the hours of 11 am – 3 pm and wear sunscreen a high SPF, especially on your face.

Consistent sunburn can lead to melanoma (skin cancer); reduce your chances of skin cancer significantly by avoiding sunburn.

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  • Mia Edith says:

    Going into winter, my face has been a mess from this year’s hot summer, I tried a lot of products to revitalize my skin. Reading this blog post gives me some better options to go with, thanks!