3 beauty trends to look out for in 2020

A new year is soon to be upon us! And with it comes new trends in the world of beauty. Get savvy and ahead of the pack. Here’s what’s hot for 2020.

A bigger shift towards medical aesthetics

In 2018, it was estimated that 90% of patients weren’t aware that non-surgical treatments like Botox and fillers are prescription-only in the UK. However, people are becoming more diligent about their health, taking more time to do the necessary research surrounding the safety of such treatments.

This includes making sure they’re having them performed by a qualified medical professional. Our society is continuously becoming more health-conscious, thanks to the increased scrutiny of those who offer non-surgical treatments and more prevalent media coverage, which is great news.

Natural & organic beauty products to soar in popularity

The natural and organic cosmetics market is expected to reach the $54bn (£42 billion) mark by 2027. This can be partly attributed to the noise made surrounding the environment, the welfare of our planet and us as individuals.

Consumers are also continuing to show a willingness to spend premium rates on their beauty products and for many, this means choosing those that are the least artificial.

There is a distinction between natural and organic (in case you wanted to know!) and it’s as follows: natural means the product is made from 100% naturally-occurring ingredients that contain nothing artificial.

Organic refers to how an ingredient is farmed – it can’t be made using pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or chemical-based fertilisers. So if you’re looking to turn to these kinds of products, bear this distinction in mind, as the terms don’t mean the same thing and can often be confused.

More customised products

Consumers are increasingly looking for beauty products that are most in-line with their ethnicity, age, skin texture and other factors. They’re looking for products to come in tailored shapes and sizes to suit them as individuals to achieve the most authentic look – after all, is that too much to ask?!

The beauty market is responding accordingly. The decrease in over-photo-shopping images and new approach of working around magazine models’ natural features also means products are marketed to “fit in” with a person’s features.

The main thing to take away for 2020, is that the beauty industry is starting to work around us as individuals, rather than us individuals working around the industry’s aspirations for us! And that can’t be a bad thing.

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  • Anisa Akthar says:

    This blog is very useful as I did not know the difference between natural and organic. This had made me more aware of the products I will be purchasing in the future!