17 Best Valentine’s Day hairstyles & looks in 2023

2023 is the year to spice up your Valentine's look. Let's have a look at some hairstyles and make-up looks you can opt for this year!

Traditional Valentine’s Day hairstyles and makeup looks bring up images of curls, waves and playful, bright shades. However, in 2023, you may be looking to shake up the Valentine’s Day style to spice up your appearance and stand out from everyone else.

To that end, we will look at some of the best hairstyles and makeup looks to ask for at the local salon or aesthetics clinic before Valentine’s Day this year.

Valentine’s Day Hairstyles

California Dreamin 

California dreamin hairstylePerhaps the most glamorous and effortless-looking hairstyle on the list, the California Dreamin look is all about achieving a natural sun-soaked look with a blonde base.

This romantic look will leave you with luscious golden locks and beachy waves that project an aura of class and elegance.


Braid Remix

If your natural hair is frizzy or afro, a braid remix look is a brave hairstyle that makes a statement. This intricate mix of box braids and cornrows lets your natural hair colour and style flourish and stand out. Braid Remixes are also unique to the individual, so you know nobody will have the same braid remix as you. 

Heart Braid

Braids will always be in fashion and the season, but the heart braid is perfect for Valentine’s Day. This chic and polished alternative to the French fishtail style adds a glamorous and romantic heart outline to the back of your hairstyle.

This look is achieved by creating a middle part and two reverse French braids on either side of the head that goes behind the ears before joining together at the end. A barrette, band or spray usually secure the final look. Whatever the method, heart braids are so cute and easy to do that it has to be considered for Valentine’s Day 2023.

Cornrows & Styled Edges

This protective hairstyle has been booming in popularity recently and is the perfect personal look for curly and afro hair on Valentine’s Day 2023. This is a dual-layered hairstyle, with the cornrows adding style and the edges adding flair. This is a real attention-seeker, and for a good reason, because a perfect set of cornrows and styled edges will have heads turning everywhere, you go. 

Messy Updo

If you’re looking for a more intimate and sensual hairstyle for Valentine’s Day in 2023, why not try a messy updo? This edgy and fashionable look adds a playful touch to your romantic evening with a messy top knot on the top part of your head. You can supplement the updo with root power or even glitter to transform the updo into something genuinely cosmic and eye-catching. 

Slick S Waves

Valentine’s Day 2023 could also see the return of classic looks from Hollywood’s past. Slick S Waves are retro-inspired and popping up on red carpets via stars such as Anya Taylor Joy and Jodie Turner-Smith. This style involves gelling back short hair for a slicked-back look, accented by an S wave fringe. 

Space Buns

This 90s-inspired look is perfect for fun and funky individuals who want to look light and extroverted on Valentine’s Day. This look is achieved by brushing your hair with a paddle brush, parting your hair in the centre, and creating fluffy buns in place of pigtails on either side of the head. It is a simple loom but extremely effective at creating a cute look for Valentine’s Day. 


If you are looking for a more edgy and rockstar-inspired look, why not go for the punk rocker look of picking one side? In this look, your stylist will sweep and part your hair on your good side, securing the look with bobby pins. You can further spice the look using specially placed waves or highlights. This is a very intimate look but not one that everyone can pull off.

Bubble Ponytail

If you’ve got a lengthy ponytail, you can spice up the look using a bubble ponytail. A bubble ponytail will revamp your look in a very exciting way. As your hair stylist, pump up your ponytail and section off portions of your ponytail with elastic bands to achieve the finished look. If you’re feeling adventurous, ask your stylist to add braids to your ponytail for added layers and texture. 

Wispy Pixie

Short bobs and pixie haircuts have made a comeback. Big stars like Emilia Clarke and Natalie Dormer have been rocking the pixie look for a while, but you need to go a little wispy to add that Valentine’s spin. Bends and texture sprays supplement wispy pixies to produce a rumpled and sensual look. 

Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks

Smoky Eyes

If you’re looking for a sexual and sensual look for Valentine’s Day, smoky eyes are a surefire bet. Pairing smoky eyes with bright red or pink lips can add another layer to the look. If you do this, the end product will be an almost modern sensual spin on a classic, glamorous Hollywood look. 

Reverse Cat-Eye

Are you getting bored of basic winged eyeliner? Reverse cat-eye winged eyeliner is a beautiful and alluring alternative. In reverse cat-eyed eyeliner looks, the eyes look fuller and more magnetic. And, when paired with bright red lipstick, reverse cat-eyes achieve a truly hypnotic and sensual look. 

Pink Kiss

Pink Kiss is a traditional Valentine’s Day look that will never go out of fashion. Instead of going full glam with your makeup and overdoing it, a Pink Kiss, a one-shadow tone look, can maximise your look using subtle blending and eye shadows. And it is Valentine’s Day, after all – pink is the colour of love. 

Angelic Eye Glitter

If you want to keep your face as bare as possible but accentuate the eyes, angelic eye glitter is the way to go. Using your fingertips to use urban glitter and eyeliner in a rudimentary fashion will leave a subtle, natural and glitzy look. Keeping the rest of your complexion clean makes your angelic glitter look pop. 

Sunset Eyes

This high-energy look is a step up from eye shadows, and smoky eye looks, as sunset eyes demand your attention. The sunset eye look will leave you with a bright gradient-like sunset shadow over your eyelids and framed by slick and blocky mascara and liner. This is an accurate statement look and can be accented with glitter if you’re still not happy with the glam level.

Bubblegum Lips

It’s Valentine’s Day, and if you’re going on a date, you should expect some kissing, right? Bubblegum lips allow you to stick to the norm of bombastic lipstick but with romantic pink lipstick instead. People usually opt for red lipstick on Valentine’s Day, but pink may be the new go-to. And why go just classic pink? Try bubblegum pink instead. 

Bronzed Glow

The bronzed glow option makes it look like you’ve just returned from a beach holiday. A bronzed glow on your cheekbones and forehead will help complete the sun-kissed look. And, if you use this look in tandem with a California Dreamin blonde hairstyle, you will look like you stepped off the plane from the Bahamas. 

What are you opting for on Valentine’s Day 2023?

Valentine’s Day is your chance to make a sensual and romantic statement. Many of the looks and styles listed above can work beautifully in tandem with each other or singularly. 

Remember that enlisting expert beauty stylists’ services, especially from award-winning salons, will help you achieve the best combination and the best finished result.

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  • Olivia says:

    I opted for the Bronze glow look for our date night for my birthday which is literally two days after Valentine’s day and my boyfriend kept gushing over how gorgeous I looked. You can never go wrong with these looks and they don’t need to just be for date night. Even for your girls night or special dinners, be sure to pop in here. You definitely won’t be disappointed.