Are Natural Skin Care Solutions Really the Future?

There are so many key phrases we’re told to look for when shopping for our makeup and skincare: natural, organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. In recent years, natural and ‘green’ beauty have seen astronomical growth. More enjoyers of skincare products are turning to environmentally friendly solutions.

There are so many key phrases we’re told to look for when shopping for our makeup and skincare: natural, organic, chemical-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. In recent years, natural and ‘green’ beauty have seen astronomical growth.

In 2016, a 13% upsurge in approved natural products in the UK was reported (The Soil Association). And, a Kari Gran survey found that 73% of millennial women would prioritise green beauty.

Some brands are adding to the resurgence of eco-beauty innovators to support the green planet mission, with £86.5 million being spent on certified organic and natural beauty products in 2018 alone.

Many Aesthetics pages champion plant-friendly products and give you the opportunity to filter brands via ingredients – ‘natural’ is one of the options.

Some assert that the use of 100% natural products is the only solution to healthy skin. But it’s not as simple as that. The choice between natural vs. synthetic skin care products is dividing not only customers but aestheticians, too, with others claiming that lab-created, scientifically formulated products are the only answer to genuinely penetrative power.

The Argument for Natural and Organic Skin Care

Natural products are derived from natural sources. Ingredients are grown without pesticides or fertilizers, which could be toxic to the environment.

Further, these elements are farmed using organic methods which recycle sources and promote biodiversity. If you are concerned about harmful chemicals, irritants, or preservatives, then maybe 100% natural skincare is right for you.

Spokespeople for the natural movement argue that some natural alternatives are equally as effective as their synthetic counterparts. These natural, organic ingredients are methodically formulated to promote a radiant appearance.

The Argument for Synthetic Skin Care

Synthetic ingredients have amazing uses in skincare. They keep your product fresh and operational for its whole shelf life while giving your skin the encouragement to glow.

Specialists believe that we are blindly buying into natural brands to fit our green-centric ideals. They argue that in reality, these products have little impact on our skin.

Founder of Lixir Skin and one of the biggest names in the development of skincare’s leading brands, Colette Haydon, says that “there is a misconception that if you’re removing something you don’t want in your product, you’re replacing it with an effective natural ingredient. But actually, it’s just as good as a basket of fruit or some pretty flowers,”

Spokespeople from the natural movement can often demonise synthetic solutions. But this discredits brands that make fantastic products.

Natural plant-based products have a more holistic approach. They are characterised by social and environmental factors rather than the needs of individuals.

Therefore, natural or organic products won’t necessarily provide you with the effect that you are looking for. Whereas, the ingredients contained in scientifically formulated products have been proven to work.

Further, 100% natural does not necessarily mean that it’s gentler to the skin. Nor do natural products guarantee that the individual won’t experience side effects.

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Unfortunately, mother nature can’t always offer all that we need to keep our skin radiant and youthful. This is why companies combine natural elements with synthetic ingredients to make their products work miracles for your skin for the longest time possible, giving you the best bang for your buck!

Now that you are much more enlightened about synthetic ingredients, let’s find out which ones you should look for.

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  • Fran says:

    Very interesting article! I do feel like at least recently I spend more time looking at natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones., although they tend to be pricier in my opinion.