Should I get cosmetic surgery?

The question is what happens when we can’t get rid of these insecurities and they start negatively impacting our lives? I think nowadays with all the “embrace your flaws” campaigns out there, there is a certain bias when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

I’ll start by saying just this: No one is perfect and the quicker we are to accept this, the better our lives will get.

I am 100% happy that our society is evolving to such an extent in which we can proudly talk about everything that makes us unique, shaming people for getting plastic surgery is a big no in my view. As long as the procedure is done for the right reasons and the person in question understands the risks associated with this, there is nothing wrong with it.

Moving along, if you are one of those people who are thinking about improving your physical aspect through this method, please take a few minutes to read my list which encompasses some factors you should definitely take into consideration before choosing cosmetic surgery:

Please do:

1)  Properly research a good doctor

What you should take into consideration are factors such as experience, portfolio, certification, and results. Social media profiles and the doctor’s website are great ways to find out more about your practitioner.

Keep in mind that the cost should definitely not be a key deciding factor. We all want to pay less for the services we receive, but when it comes to surgical procedures your health is more important than anything. Improper treatment could kill you!

2)  Let your doctor know about any supplements you are taking

The medication you take can affect the way anaesthesia works on the body. A bad reaction from anaesthesia combined with other supplements such as diet pills can cause death.

3)  Have reasonable expectations when it comes to the results

Cosmetic surgery is an efficient way to achieve a desirable body or face structure, however, it is not guaranteed that it will lead to a fulfilling existence.

Please don’t:

1)  Go in this for the wrong reasons

If you are thinking about having a surgical procedure done, make sure you are doing it for yourself and not for anybody else such as your partner. Plastic surgery is to fix your relationship with yourself, not with your partner.

Also, don’t have this procedure done if you’re going through a rough patch as it can worsen your mental health. Make sure you are in the best psychological state when making this decision.

2) Go for procedures that could give unnatural results

A good doctor will tell you whether the adjustments you want to make to your face or body are proportionate to the rest of your body. Be realistic with what you were born with and do not ask your doctor for results that are not in line with your natural beauty.

3)  Rush into this

Take the time to actually think whether this is what you want. Take the time to do the proper research and see which procedure is right for you. Hurrying into this can lead to unwanted permanent results.

4)  Have cosmetic surgery if you are a heavy smoker

People who smoke heavily are known to have low oxygen in their blood. In certain cases, this leads to poor healing of the wound, and complications can result in death.

5)  Overlook the risks associated with cosmetic surgery

Heavy smokers have low oxygen content in the blood. When undergoing procedures that require a pull or a lift, chances are that heavy smokers will suffer from poor healing of the wound, wound separation or the skin becoming necrotic. Complications may result in death.

6) Disregard the risks that are associated with cosmetic surgery

Having a cosmetic surgery procedure is a big decision as so many things can go wrong. Be aware that fixing what went wrong is oftentimes more expensive than having the procedure in the first place.

Post-cosmetic surgery mistakes

  • Bad scarring: the extent to which scarring appears is not determined as it is believed by the procedure or the doctor, but rather by the patient’s genetics. If you have a darker complexion or high skin pigmentation you have a higher chance of having bad scarring
  • Breast gap: if you have a very wide and depressed sternum or breastbone, breast gaps can occur. Statistics say that 4 in 10 women go back to the doctor to fix this issue after the initial surgery
  • After liposuction new fat can appear in new places: if you have liposuction and you gain weight afterward, in most cases the fat will be accumulated in the areas which have not received the procedure

To conclude, cosmetic surgery can definitely improve one’s life as they start loving their body. However, it is vital to understand the risks associated with cosmetic surgery. Moreover, you have to know that they do not guarantee a better life as this all depends on you. Realistic expectations are the key.

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  • Chaya Bowler says:

    Interesting input. There are definitely cons and pros when it comes to aesthetical procedures. I should probably make a list myself to see whether a breast augmentation procedure is worth it