Best Healthy Tanning Options for Golden Skin

Unless you are one of those lucky people who live in countries with high temperatures all year round, getting a tan is definitely a challenge during the winter season. For the rest of us who want sun-kissed skin in January, our only option is to visit a tanning salon. However, tanning salons can be quite expensive and if you’re not familiar with the process it can be quite scary as well.

Luckily, there are other methods which can be used in order to get the desired result and they won’t negatively impact your health.

Rub on Tans

This is a very simple method and it doesn’t have any dangerous side effects. What you need to do is apply the tan on your skin and wait for the product to dry. What is great about this is that you have absolute control over which areas you want tanned. Make sure to apply a good amount in order to avoid lines or streaks.

Spray on Tans

This is becoming very popular because compared to rub on tans, the product dries faster. The only downside is that the application is a bit tricky and you might need to ask for help to make sure that the product is applied everywhere you want.

Airbrush Spray Tans

Airbrush spray tans are generally known to be more precise than spray on tans. The product comes with a pen-like spray which provides more accuracy. It also lasts for longer than aforementioned methods. What is great about this, is the fact that one application of this product is equivalent to six tanning sessions without the side-effects.

Regardless of what method you choose, please do a patch test  24 hours before applying the product all over your skin to reduce the risk of allergic inflammations.

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  • tracy says:

    very nice introduction to an interesting topic. I hope this works quick, I don’t want to brown in winter to 😉

    thanks for the advice, I will try that airbrush spray

  • Katie Armstrong says:

    Looking white is something that I personally hate. I have heard so manybad things about sunbeds that their even their good price puts me off of using them. Instead i tend to use home creams like the ones you mentioned above. I think the airbrush is the best option but somebody else has to do it on you.