SAVANT: Affordable Luxurious Pampering

Today I will talk about this new-ish salon in King’s Cross, located in Central London. SAVANT is a beauty & aesthetics clinic and although there are definitely many new clinics around, after my visit I can guarantee that none of them can match SAVANT’s elegance and luxury pampering.

An Aesthetic clinic true to its name

As soon as you walk in, it’s hard to believe that you stepped into a clinic, but rather a luxurious spa.

The clinic is near one of the most vibrant travel hubs in London, but even at its busiest, the clinic feels calm and relaxing. But putting aside its intricate decoration and great service, the true essence of SAVANT lies in its amazing treatments.

High-quality products and friendly & dedicated staff

You will find the newest and most effective treatments for any area you want to improve. You can give your nails an upgrade with their amazing nail bar or get a relaxing massage. They even have nutrition experts who offer advice on nutrition and diet! I saw two treatment rooms on my visit and both of them were exquisite.

What immediately captivated my attention was the marble ceilings. I’ve visited my share of beauty salons and I can say I haven’t seen anything like it. The lighting is perfect as well. I’ve been to multiple salons where the lighting was so bright it was giving me a headache, but that’s definitely not the case with SAVANT.

The delicious aromas are welcoming you from the first moment you step inside. I don’t think I’ve ever been this relaxed in a clinic. I actually felt that I was being taken care of.

My treatment

The treatment that I chose was a carbon peel which uses a laser and it gave me super soft and smooth skin that lasted literally for months. The therapist said that it might be quite noisy, but I don’t think it was that bad.

And more than that, it was COMPLETELY painless. How great is that? Honestly, if she would have stopped talking, I would have fallen asleep.

My point is, SAVANT isn’t just a pretty place to do your nails and have facials. It’s a really relaxing place where you actually feel taken care of. The luxurious pampering and the great results will definitely make me go back for more.

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  • Emma Bridges says:

    I came across Savant by accident one day on my way home, saw this blog about it and have to comment as I LOVE IT, the salon is sooooooo welcoming and friendly, once in you never want to leave,
    I have been working my way through the menu and haven’t been disappointed yet, try there signature Manicure – the best i have had so far.

  • Samantha Loveday says:

    I would not go anywhere else for my weekly mani, best service in town.