Celebrity Beauty Tips

Looking great never goes out of fashion. As the awards season comes to a close, we thought this was a great time to explore some of the beauty trends dominating the celebrity world, that will filter through to us commoners on the high street!

Hair, hair, hair!

Your barnet is a great way to show your personality and express yourself. Good news then that celebrity stylists have been anticipating a shift to more natural ways of wearing your hair. Who knew the ‘just got out of bed look’ could ever be a hit!

Ariana Grande is one of the many stars who has made her mark on the beauty industry over the past 5 years. She’s well known for her sleek ponytail, a classic look that never dies and solves the issue of stopping you from playing with your hair constantly, which let’s be honest, is always tempting!

Use hairspray or a heat protectant before straitening and to make sure your ponytail withstands all the dancing you’re doing on your night out or special occasion!

Nail those nails!

Killer nails can polish off a look (excuse the pun) and even elevate a simple-looking outfit to ‘knock it out of the park’ standards. The snakeskin trend is apparently set to be huge for the rest of 2020, according to celebrity nail artist Hang Nguyen.

A tricky thing to DIY at home, if you’re willing to commit to the meticulousness, a work of art can be created! Bouquet-inspired nails and colour schemes are trending all over Instagram and with Spring fast approaching, what better time to paint a few daffodils onto your nails!

The skin you’re in

There has already been a big turn towards exfoliants that give out the skin a harsh time, with celebrities such as Miranda Kerr and Irina Shayk leading the way here. The public is realizing that manual scrubs can be abrasive to your skin, causing inflammation, acne and other complications with your skin. Here are a few natural exfoliants to check out and try at home.

The style icon of the year: Billie Eilish?

Someone who has dominated the headlines over the past 3 months is Billie Eilish, the 18-year-old talent from the US who scooped up 5 Grammys and now has the task of creating the James Bond theme for the new film No Time To Die.

Eilish has been shaking things up for a while now, but recently, her move into bigger public consciousness has been huge. Her refusal to conform to normal Red Carpet conventions sets her apart, as she shrouds herself in clothes 3 times her size and refuses to be sexualized by the press. We could well see high street brands turn to baggier and more shapeless styles over the next few months.

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