How Tech Is Innovating The Beauty Industry

Technology is having its impact on most industries out there right now, including the beauty industry. With innovations in areas such as AI and facial recognition, the beauty industry has been able to offer consumers new and more practical ways of accessing and purchasing the products they want and need. Let’s take a look at some of the cool ways the tech and beauty are marrying up.

A focus on personalisation

When speaking about the general issue of technology is influencing the beauty industry, global president of L’Oreal Technology Incubator Guive Balooch said women “want more personalised and precise products, and we have to respond”.

Balooch went on to explain that a large proportion of women struggle to find the right shade of foundation for their face “women with darker skin tones have been crying out for more choice” Balooch avows.

L’Oreal subsidiary Lancome, has presented the concept of a custom foundation machine which works to find the exact match for your skin using AI, with Balooch saying it would be “impractical” to stock foundations in every skin tones on the shelves of stores.

The system would work by matching the tone to the 20,000 shades stored – the findings are then sent away to a machine that mixes the product and sends it to the store, for you to collect.

We don’t know about you, but we think this is pretty cool! With face recognition technology already in use across a diversity of industries, there’s no reason why this kind of concept can’t thrive in the beauty industry.


Given the current coronavirus crisis, the idea of e-make-up is a timely one. Apps including Snapchat and Instagram now allow you to take a selfie and apply makeup of your choosing: think lipstick, smoother skin tone, lined cat eyes.

Right now, with many of us unable to go to the shops and going “out, out” not an option, this kind of tool is a godsend! Look the part, without having to head out, shop and try things on. Not only is it practical, it’s also great fun.

Smart tools for skincare

A seemingly bizarre concept, the HiMirror (classed as a “smart mirror”) made by New Kinpo Group essentially rates your skin, searching for wrinkles, spots, fine lines and analyses brightness levels.

What is the point of this, you might ask – who on earth would want to know how much blemishes they have across their face?! It’s designed to rate these aspects and send you customized tips, depending on the results.

The obvious downside to this type of tech is the damage it could do to the self esteem from users, especially if the recommended products are not within the user’s budget.

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  • Ava Smith says:

    This was a fun read for me, especially due to the second lockdown here in England. I agree instagram and snapchat are always fun when messing around with the filters. Great blog post!

  • Ameilia says:

    I like the whole integration of beauty and technology, it brings a lot more of a personal touch, like the first point made on this post.