New Year, New You – skincare resolutions

A New Year is a great opportunity to make lifestyle changes both big and small – why not make 2020 the year you invest in your skin? If you’re looking for some tips, inspiration, and motivation when it comes to giving your skin a little extra TLC over the next 12 months and beyond, you’re in the right place! Read on for our advice on skincare resolutions…

Take your makeup off before bed

We may be starting with an obvious one, but a surprisingly large amount of people still don’t take the time to remove makeup before bed. It can be so tempting to just leave it until morning – especially after a long day or a night out.

To ensure makeup becomes second nature (like brushing your teeth), leave some Micellar water next to your bed so it’s an easy grab when you’re tucked up in bed.

Micellar water is a gentle cleanser and the micelles target residue on your skin – what’s more, it doesn’t contain alcohol and hydrates your skin too. Read up on more benefits of micellar water here.

Wear SPF every day

In the dark and dim days of winter, it’s hard to envisage why wearing SPF every day could benefit you. The truth is that ultraviolet rays are always present, even when it’s not sunny and blue skies. Reduce your risk of skin cancer and sun damage by making SPF part of your daily skincare routine.

Pursue a tailored skincare routine

One of the beautiful things about the world is that no two people are the same and thus, everyone has their own needs when it comes to skincare.

Many of us suffer from rashes and adverse reactions to certain products but it can be challenging to identify why. Visit a dermatologist, who can help you create a skincare routine that suits you and advise you on the right products for your skin.

To get the most out of your visit to the dermatologist, bring a list of medication you take, the foods you eat regularly, questions to ask and some information about your long-term medical health.

Don’t neglect your neck and chest

Skincare shouldn’t stop at caring for the skin on your face. Your neck and chest are also exposed to the elements and the sun constantly. Apply SPF to these areas to avoid long-term sun damage and make sure you keep them hydrated.

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