11 Tips for improving nail strength

Strong and healthy nails are a sign of a generally good and healthy individual. However, sometimes we may find our nails getting weaker and more brittle. 

Fortunately, there are changes we can make to our habits and our lifestyle to maintain nail health and we will be going through them today!

Minimise Water Exposure

If you have a penchant for long bubble baths and soaks, you may want to look into cutting down that time. When we soak in water for too long, our nails become weak and brittle. If you still want to maintain your bubble bath time, and we get why you do, try to cut out water exposure during other tasks. For example, wear gloves when washing dishes for a prolonged time. Wearing gloves will also avoid cleaning products from weakening the nail via the chemicals in their formula. 

Biotin Supplement

Biotin, which is also known as Vitamin H, strengthens both hair and nails. The supplement can help the body’s nervous system function properly but should only be taken after advice from your GP or healthcare provider.

Hydrate your nail

Whilst we must minimise water exposure on our nails, we must remember to stay hydrated. Drinking water is essential for all health, especially nail health. Without enough moisture, nails will become brittle and peel easily. Staying hydrated, allows nails to retain enough moisture to stay strong.

Be Wary of Nail Products

We must also be very aware of the products we use on our nails. Some nail polishes and treatments contain detrimental harsh chemicals that weaken nails. For example, if you spot nail polish remover with acetone, try to avoid it as this can definitely damage nails. for the best alternatives, opt for nontoxic nail polishes or acetone-free polish removers. 

Avoid gel and acrylic nails … all the time

We’re not saying you have to cut out gel and acrylic nails entirely but be wary that frequent use can cause nails to peel, thus weakening them. There is also evidence to suggest that UV light used to harden gel polish represents a high-risk factor for skin cancer. 

Take a nail polish Break

You may not know this but nails need time to relax and breathe. If you keep using nail polish, even if you have dropped toxic nail polish, your nail can still become weakened. Try to manage your nails by wearing nail polish one week and then taking a break the next. You will find that your nails recover on the off weeks and look far healthier when you do decide to drip some polish on there.

Don’t Work Your Nails

This is a rather simple one: don’t use your nails for small tasks like cracking opening a can or pulling small things apart. Moments like this are prime opportunities for your nails to chip or even break, thus leading to an overall weakening of the whole nail. If you want, you can just opt to rock shorter nails all the time in order to avoid chipping, cracking and splitting. 

Use Nail Lotion

When people remove nail polish, they often just wipe their hands and nails down and are done with it. Next time, after you remove your nail polish, use a hand cream on your hands making sure to rub some into your nails. This is a step many people miss when creaming their hands because they think the nails don’t need looking after. Are they not on the end of your fingers for a reason?

Don’t overuse hand sanitiser

We get it! We live in a world now where you’re probably reaching for the hand sanitiser every 30 minutes. But let’s be smart about how much we use hand sanitiser and where we apply it. When applying hand sanitiser, try not to get it on your nails as this can be very bad indeed. Sanitiser dries out nails and makes them more brittle.

How do you file your nails?

When you file your nails, always file in one direction. Using a back and forth motion to file your nails, will weaken your nails in all directions. If you file in one way only, you maintain the nail’s shape and integrity. Furthermore, only lightly file the sides of the nails as this area needs to stay strong to maintain the framework of a healthy nail. 

Is your shampoo the problem?

Sometimes people are using the wrong shampoo and they have no idea. Drying shampoos, or ones that strip oils from oily hair, also dry out nails and cause them to become brittle and weak. Change up your shampoo to an alternative and test to see if your nails start feeling stronger and healthier. 


Our nails are here to make an impression on others. Weak, brittle or damaged nails can affect confidence and make you self-conscious. Hopefully, some of the aforementioned tips can help you strengthen your nails or at least improve their condition. 

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  • Anita says:

    I used to be a believer of acrylic tips until my nails started breaking like no one’s business. I took a break from them for 3 weeks and since then my nails have since recovered. I started moisturising them a lot and I think that helped with the nail recovery.

  • Sophia Rogers says:

    Great tips! I completely agree with this article, Staying hydrated is essential to strengthening my nails and keeping them looking smooth and glossy. I also make sure to take vitamins and supplements that are specifically designed to promote nail health.

  • Jessica says:

    I have started noticing a few yellow patches on my nails, do you perhaps know how I could get rid of them? I have been using gelish so could that be the reason for this?