Macrolane – Too good To Be True?

What woman doesn’t want beautiful and proportionate breasts? Some lucky ones are born with big breasts while others have to learn to accept the size and shape they have. Don’t get me wrong, all breasts are beautiful, but what happens when your cup size is negatively impacting your life?

You are left with two options: either cosmetic surgery or non-surgical treatments. Breast implants are still one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, however, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea due to the risks associated with it. Non-surgical treatments are deemed to be safer as hyaluronic acid is injected in the breasts in order to increase the cup size.

The Lunchtime Boob Job

Macrolane injections were very popular a few years back as the procedure only lasted 15 minutes and it claimed to offer you your ideal breasts. What made Macrolane different from silicone was the fact that Macrolane is Hyaluronic acid which is already found in the body and therefore it recognises it as its own, unlike silicone.

As it is not advised to have silicone injections, but rather silicone implants as the injections increase the risks of breast cancer, Macrolane sounded like the perfect procedure. Moreover, Macrolane injections do not require general anaesthesia, but rather local anaesthesia. It is not painful and it won’t leave you with marks.

Too good to be true

However, recent studies found that Macrolane might not be as safe as initially believed. The fact that the manufacturer stopped recommending this product for breast augmentation is a big red flag. The “Lunchtime Boob Job” was meant to offer fast and accurate results which were great selling points.

Macrolane makes the diagnosis of breast cancer more difficult as doctors cannot distinguish between undissolved gel and signs of breast cancer. Moreover, it was also noticed that 1 in 4 practitioners was seeing complications in their patients after using Macrolane.

Point is, be extra cautious when it comes to these novelty products. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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