FACE 2023: Unveiling the Future of Aesthetic Medicine

This summer, London was buzzing with excitement as it played host to the highly anticipated FACE Conference 2023.

The conference, which took place from 30 June to the 1st of July, was a vibrant blend of scientific innovation, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities for the medical aesthetics industry. In honour of its 20-year milestone as a medical aesthetic conference in the UK, the FACE Scientific Committee curated a special programme that reflected on the progress made in the aesthetic and anti-ageing industry. As always, it was a fantastic learning experience for everyone involved.

The Attendees & Atmosphere

Drawing in an impressive crowd of over 2,000 attendees, the event brought together a diverse mix of dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic physicians, dental surgeons, skincare experts, researchers, and thought leaders. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation and curiosity, creating a perfect environment for learning and collaboration. As usual with these conferences, the first day, Friday was a much busier day than Saturday, although both days were successful in engaging the visitors.

Themes & Objectives

Science remains the cornerstone of the conference and this year’s event was no exception. The 2023 agenda showcased thought leaders in aesthetic medicine that with their expertise, best practices, and top techniques helped all the attendees enrich their knowledge. The conference centred around several key themes that mirror the evolving trends in the aesthetic science field. The spotlight was on “Next-Gen Aesthetic Technologies,” “Holistic Approach to Beauty,” and “Sustainable Practices in Aesthetic Science.” The objective was to provide a platform for professionals to share their knowledge, inspire innovation, and foster meaningful connections.

Agendas included:

Keynote Speakers

The event boasted an incredible lineup of keynote speakers, featuring pioneers and innovators in the field of aesthetic science. As one of the few UK events that invite international speakers, FACE made this a global experience for professionals in medical aesthetics. The insightful talks of this year’s speakers offered a glimpse into the future of aesthetic medicine, exploring cutting-edge technologies and holistic approaches to beauty. Some of the most notable were:

  • Uliana Gout
  • Todd Schlesinger
  • Ali Pirayesh
  • Simon Ravichandran
  • Kay Durairaj
  • Bob Khanna
  • Ana Silva
  • Eleni Makropoulou
  • Jean Pierre Amsellem
  • Jaishree Sharad
  • Dario Bertossi
  • Kim Booysen
  • Kate Goldie
  • Raul Cetto
  • Sonja Sattler
  • Rashmi Shetty
  • Emma Ravichandran
  • Kam Lally
  • Lee Walker
  • Vincent Wong
  • Michael Gold
  • Vladlena Averina
  • Tahera Bhojani-Lynch
  • Martina Kerscher
  • Jesper Thulesen
  • Wendy Lewis

Location & Layout

London, with its rich history and dynamic energy, served as the perfect backdrop for the conference. The city is one of the centres of aesthetic medicine in Europe with a large consumer base and numerous clinics. The venue in Intercontinental London, at the O2, was meticulously designed to encourage interaction and collaboration, with a mix of keynote sessions, interactive workshops, and engaging panel discussions. It is a large and impressive venue with the scenic backdrop of the Canary Wharf area in the London Docklands.

Networking Opportunities

Alongside the educational content, the organizers understood the importance of networking. They curated several events, including a welcome Summer cocktail reception on Friday 30th of June at a 5-star venue, themed lunch breaks, and a closing gala dinner, allowing attendees, speakers and exhibitors to connect and exchange ideas in a relaxed setting.

List of Exhibitors

Wigmore MedicalItalfarmacia
Zo Skin HealthLibi & Daugthers
EvolusLove Cosmedical
Laboratoires VivacyMiring Usa
HydrafacialMonika Heiligmann
Inmode UkNeogen Plasma
ExhibitorsPine Bm
ArchidemiaProvida Paris
Atoa PaymentsQuantificare
BeautyeuropeRegen Lab
Crown AestheticsS.Thepharm
DermaluxShanghai May Skin
DermconceptSolta Medical
Dfkbiolab IncTargetcool
EvocyteUltra V
Gama HealthcareYotsuba Japan
Genoss CoZenoti
Hypo21Zero Gravity Skin

Trending Topics

The conference highlighted some of the latest trends in the industry like:

  1. The integration of virtual and augmented reality in aesthetic procedures
  2. The rise of personalized skincare based on genetic testing
  3. The ascendance of exosomes to enhance treatments
  4. The widespread usage of diagnostic equipment to detect skin conditions
  5. The increasing focus on sustainability in aesthetic practices

Impact on the UK Aesthetics Industry

The FACE Conference 2023 not only provided a platform for learning and networking but also helped shape the future of the UK aesthetics industry. By showcasing innovative technologies and practices, the conference is pushing the boundaries of aesthetic medicine, encouraging practitioners to adopt more sustainable practices and offer more personalized, holistic treatments.

In conclusion, FACE Conference 2023 was more than just an event – it was a celebration of the past, present, and future of aesthetic science. As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, it’s clear that conferences like FACE are pivotal in driving the industry forward. Here’s to another year of innovation and growth in the world of aesthetic medicine.

About FACE

With 20 years of expertise, FACE stands as the sole conference in the UK that offers comprehensive agendas, training and demonstration sessions dedicated to all the core aspects of the non-surgical aesthetic market. Medical practitioners can anticipate receiving truly scientific content from genuine experts on an array of subjects around beauty. The educational programmes at FACE serve as a bridge, connecting the current state of academic training with the innovative developments consistently emerging in the aesthetics and dermatology sector in the UK and abroad.

The members of the FACE scientific committee and experts embody every discipline within the field of aesthetics. Their years of educating doctors and advancing aesthetics are invaluable to those that are learning. With contributions from both UK-based and international top practitioners, the quality of scientific research available at FACE is high.

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