Laser hair removal: What makes a good machine


The answer to this question has been part of plenty debates in the cosmetic and aesthetic industry. The best course of action is to take in consideration the main factors to judge technology with

1. How effective is it?

  • Is the laser efficiently removing all hair? If no, then the technology is void
  • Effectiveness can also be reduced if the person who conducts the treatment is not well trained

2. Is it painful?

  • There is something we can all agree on. Nobody likes pain. Although some sort of discomfort is expected when hair is removed from sensitive areas, if the laser you’re using is not the best quality, your pain could increase
  • The most popular laser hair removal is the one which uses a cooling mechanism which allows the skin to cool down when sensitive areas are treated
  • The Soprano ICE is one example technology which uses a cooling mechanism. It offers 3 wavelengths in order to reduce discomfort.

3. Skin colour

  • Some laser hair removal machines can experience some difficulty when it comes to detecting hair follicles at their growth stage when the skin is dark or fair ant it matches the hair.
  • There are plenty of clinics that offer more than one technology in order to deal with the variety of skin types.

4. Number of sessions required

  • This is a difficult factor to take into consideration as it all depends on the person treated. Someone who has little hair will require less sessions than someone with more hair.
  • In general, great results will be reached between 6 to 12 sessions

Overall, it is not very easy to decide which is the best laser hair removal technology because it all depends on the individual who undergoes this process, as other factors need to be taken into consideration such as skin colour and the amount of hair you want to remove.