Laser Hair Removal: What to expect?

Today, we will be taking a look at the timeline of Laser Hair Removal and what you can expect.

You may already be aware of this but the results of Laser Hair Removal differ and depend entirely on the individual. This is because each person has varying hormone levels and a specific hair growth style. 

Today, we will be taking a look at the timeline of Laser Hair Removal and what you can expect.

Is treatment different for men and women?

The first thing to note is that laser hair treatment is a longer process for men than it is for women. The average time for laser hair removal for women is 6 sessions, whilst men take two sessions longer with 8 appointments altogether. Overall, a full laser hair removal course takes between 6 to 9 months.

However, you must remember that your treatment could take longer or shorter than the aforementioned average timeline. This is because of an individual’s unique hormone levels, response to the treatment and growth style. 

Laser Hair Removal Timeline

The options for hair removal are great. You can wax, thread, shave and tweeze. But, nothing compares to the effects of laser hair removal – a more permanent approach to hair removal. Laser Hair Removal usually takes a course of 6 separate treatments across around 35-40 weeks. Below is the breakdown of the complete timeline:


This is the first treatment and features the most noticeable effects. A laser is used to shock the follicles at this stage. The heat from the laser weakens or destroys the hair follicle. You will notice a redness and some swelling on the skin but this will dissipate after a few hours. 

The follicles that have been weakened and destroyed will start to give- way between 5-19 days after the 1st treatment session. They won’t all fall out at the same time, so you may see hair-thinning and patchiness at first.

  • WEEK 6-8: 2nd TREATMENT

After the first session, the body will rest and regenerate into a new growth cycle. A 2nd session is required to zap the follicles away again. The laser is used again to target follicles for weakening or destruction. It will, once again, take 5-19 post-treatment to see hair fall away.


By this treatment stage, hair growth will be noticeably slowing down. It is still important to attend this follow-up appointments no matter how good you think it’s going. The laser will be used once again to target follicles for weakening and destruction. Once again, it will take 5-19 days post-treatment for hair follicles to fall away. 


By this stage, your body will still be trying to regenerate with a new growth cycle, but it will lead to patchy sections rather than full hair growth. The 4th treatment session will destroy the follicles that are left. They will fall away after 5-19 days post-treatment, the same way as it has done after every session. 


When you come in for your 5th treatment, you may feel like you don’t need to. The skin will feel smooth and appear hair-free but follicles are still present. The laser is used once again and follicles will fall away 5-19 days post-treatment.


This is the final stage of laser hair removal. The laser will be used one last time to zap follicles away. Once again, the target area will lose its follicles 5-19 days post-treatment. Once the course has been fully completed, you can expect an 80% or more reduction in hair growth. 


One the full course has been carried out, your practitioner may recommend maintenance follow-up appointments. This usually involves laser treatment every 6 months or so (however, this again depends on the individual’s hair growth and cycle). Maintenance appointments prolong the effects of laser hair removal, keeping skin smooth and silky.

Possibility of regrowth after treatment

Unfortunately, there is a possibility of hair growth returning back to normal levels due to a variety of reasons, such as: a change in an individual’s hormone levels, medication changes, hereditary conditions and pregnancy side-effects.

Laser Hair Removal: In Conclusion

Whilst the entire treatment timeline takes weeks and months, the appointments themselves only take 20-30 minutes. And, even if your goal was just to permanently remove hair, this treatment will also reduce ingrown hairs (by encouraging hair to grow straight) and lessen skin irritation. 

Laser Hair Removal is not painful but it requires patience. The time it takes to get through the lengthy treatment process may seem daunting at the start but the permanent nature of the process breeds too many positives to ignore. 


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  • Sophia Rogers says:

    It’s amazing. I’ve been getting laser hair removal for more than a year. The result is excellent!

  • Claire says:

    I had no idea that lasers to show effectiveness takes this long. But I’m definitely switching to it because ingrown are getting too much for me to handle.