Is Skin Deep Beauty Really Everything?

For years I did not have a skincare routine. I guess I’ve always been under the impression that they are useless as I have been blessed with skin that almost never breaks out.

My friends always exclude me from conversations about new “miraculous” creams and serums meant to make your skin glowy and pretty much perfect.This made me conduct a bit of research on my own and my findings will maybe change your perception of skincare regimens.

Spending considerable amounts on expensive creams will not necessarily make a difference to your complexion. Actually, it has been proven that making a change into your eating habits will protect your skin from breaking out.

Types of foods and drinks that are rich in fats and sugars can cause blemishes and pimples. So next time you go for that nice and juicy piece of junk food, think about how this can affect your skin. That does not mean that you can never eat pizza or chocolate, but rather that the key to a healthy life is moderation.

Another thing to be considered is the sun. When you spend too much time in the sun with no UV protection, your skin can dry up which can lead to the surface of the skin cracking. The best solution is to apply some sort of sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Lastly, I know you’ve heard it all about how good water is for you and how you’re supposed to drink at least 2L per day. Over 60% of our bodies are composed of water so yes, water is a requirement for our entire body and that includes our skin as well.

In conclusion, it is our lifestyle that dictates the state of our skin. My advice is to use your common sense in your daily life and this should keep your skin healthy and glowing. And remember to scrub and exfoliate.

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  • Rosa says:

    I did not used to look after my skin by after time, i felt it getting dry and tired. most creams dont work so i get a facial in my local aesthetic clinic about every 3 months and that has made a massive difference.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts