Men’s Skincare Routine (Guide)

This just in.... men have skin too! And just like the ladies, men love to keep their skin feeling and looking healthy, whatever the season.

However, men can face different challenges when it comes to maintaining great skin health – thanks to higher levels of testosterone, a man’s skin is hairier, thicker and oilier. In this guide, we explain how to manage your skincare routine if you’re in the XY chromosome club!

The 5 basic steps

  • Cleanse – to remove toxins, oils and bacteria that clog your pores. This is especially important for those living in more urban environments.
  • Use toner – as it’s particularly good for those who regularly suffer from ingrowing hairs and who are starting to show signs of ageing.
  • Serum – is a gel/light-lotion-type product that improves your skin’s texture. Using a serum will balance your skin’s naturally acidic pH levels – great for irritated and dry skin.
  • Apply eye cream – battle under eye circles, puffiness and dry areas with eye cream for a rejuvenated look in the mornings.
  • Moisturise – twice a day, once in the morning and once before bed. Use a lighter product with a high SPF in the mornings, to protect your skin from sun damage throughout the day.

Know your skin type

Whatever your gender, it’s important to know your skin type, so you can purchase the products that best suit you. Skincare products for men will have more emphasis on combatting oily skin, as this is more of a prevalent issue than in the case of women.

However, men can also suffer from dry skin too – if this sounds like you, choose a cream cleanser and a heavy moisturiser. If you’re prone to particularly sensitive skin, make sure you’re using product with as few ingredients as possible.

Ethnicity plays a role

Men & ethnicity
Ethnicity, skin type and skincare needs are often all intertwined. Whilst Asian and Hispanic males are more susceptible to issues like irregular pigmentation, African-American men often have more ingrown hairs.

If you fall into the former category, be wary of too much sun exposure and use a skin-brightening product, which will help treat melisma, uneven skin tone and pigmentation.

If you’re part of the latter demographic, try using a depilatory rather than a razor to shave, so you can reduce your chances of developing an ingrowing hair.

Manage skin eruptions and irritation

Man skincare
One of the main differences between male and female skin make-up is skin texture, with men’s skin being generally bumpier and (as mentioned in the intro) thicker.

Implementing a daily skin routine will reduce the irritation that so often accompanies shaving – try a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid wash in the shower each day to cleanse acne and ingrowing hairs.

Note that salicyclic acid washes are the best option for those with sensitive skin, removing dead cells from pores and anti-oxidising against redness and damage.

The notion that skincare is just for women has been crumbling rapidly – the market for male grooming products is set to grow to more than $60 billion dollars by 2030. And why shouldn’t men take pride in the skin they’re in?

Studies have shown that how a person feels about their skin can affect their self-esteem, image and relationships with others – after all, it is the biggest organ humans possess, so why not look after it?

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  • Josh says:

    I need to start using some of these products, now that Im practically home all day. I only use a face wash in the morning and night before I go to bed. Eye cream I could really do with using to help with dark circles and puffiness

  • Harry says:

    Ive been recently using a cleanser and exfoliating my skin every 3-4 days, my skin has really improved. Its feeling good and my confidence has rocketed through the roof

  • James says:

    I literally used to use a bar of soap or shower gel to wash my face. That was until my girlfriend made me stop, which she was totally right for doing. My skin has looked so much cleaner and brighter since I implemented a proper routine.

  • Ibbi says:

    I recently got a moisturiser that was good for my skin type. it’s water based without the use of oils that clog my skin. Really happy Im starting to take better care of my skin