LED Light Therapy Treatments: Everything You Need To Know

In-salon LED light therapy continues to attract more and more patients each year. Using the power of light, treatment can be harnessed to improve facial skin conditions, and to keep your skin looking collagen and elastin-rich.

Find out how it works, why it’s great and whether you’re suitable below.

How does LED light therapy work?

LED light therapy involves lying under a light screen, whilst the skin uses the light as a source of energy, fuelling and repairing damaged cells and eliminating those that cause acne. You will be given small goggles to wear (a little like those worn to have a spray tan) and you will feel as though you are lying on a warm beach, except you remain fully clothed throughout.

What kind of LED light therapy lights are there?

LEDs can be blue, red or yellow depending on the skin concern being addressed:
Blue: treats acne by destroying the bacteria that causes it and regulates oil production in the skin.
Red: stimulates collagen and elastin to produce more youthful looking and rejuvenated skin.
Yellow: for wound healing and to improve skin texture.

What specific kinds of skin concerns can LED light therapy treat?

It’s not just acne that LED light can address. Blue light can also help to improve the appearance of:

  • Rosacea
  • Dermatitis
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Scarring
  • Sun damage
  • Inflammatory conditions

Those who are having treatment for acne will not see all their symptoms disappear but will notice a significant difference. It’s also worth remembering that treatment isn’t always permanent – you might need future sessions if you’re looking to maintain best results.

Why choose LED light therapy?

Improves your wellbeing: in recent years, there has been a shift towards holistic treatments that enhance skin rather than alter it. LED light therapy fits the bill here, working to bring out your skin’s natural beauty, which can help you to feel more comfortable with your appearance.

  • No recovery time: once a treatment session has ended, you can get right back to your normal routine. Make sure you factor in staying out of the sun for 48 hours and apply SPF during this time.
  • A focus on prevention: LED light therapy encourages collagen and elastin production, the holy grails of anti-ageing.
  • See results instantly: a minimum of 6 treatment sessions (2 per week) are recommended for notable results, but patients have reported a change in their skin 24 hours after just a single session.
    No pain: one of the reasons LED light therapy is so popular is because it’s totally non-invasive. It also doesn’t use any UV light, so there is no risk of UV damage to the skin either.

Is everyone suited to LED light therapy?

Unlike treatment such as chemical peels and laser therapy, LED light therapy won’t burn the skin and is safe for all skin tones and types. If you’re considering treatment, make sure you search for a reputable clinician.

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