Best Body Treatments For Women Over 40

There’s no doubt that getting older can be tough, especially during our early 30s when collagen production begins to slow down significantly, and signs of ageing start to become tangible.

Once into our 40s, these changes accelerate and you may feel your confidence is affected, particularly if lifestyle choices have played a part. If this sounds familiar, don’t fret, as we’ve put together a list of treatments that can work wonders for your skin, body and confidence.

Fat freezing treatment

Woman having a fat freezing treatment
The idea that you can freeze fat away may sound crazy, but it’s become a popular way of getting rid of those stubborn areas of cellulite and fat that can’t be helped with dieting and exercise.

Fat freezing treatment is a non-invasive and pain-free procedure that takes only an hour to freeze fat cells around areas like the stomach, thighs, double chin and upper arms. It’s worth mentioning that you will need to commit to a healthy lifestyle after treatment, if you want it to last, as fat freezing doesn’t stop new fat cells from forming.

Neck lift

Woman's neck
The neck is one of the areas that can most indicate a person’s age. Over time, muscle, activity loss of fat and the effects of gravity all contribute to ageing skin around the neck area.

The platysmal bands (two areas of muscle that run vertically up the neck) become more pronounced and can begin to sag, and whilst these can be treated with cosmetic surgery, there is a less invasive answer – anti-wrinkle injections, containing botulinum toxin.

Multiple injections of the anti-wrinkle product help to temporarily relax the jowls and produce an upward-lifting effect. This procedure is often referred to as the ‘Nefertiti neck lift’ after Queen Nefertiti, who ruled during 14th BC and was believed to have a beautiful and distinct neck.

Fractional laser treatments for pigmentation

Woman having a fractional laser treatment
You may notice that your skin picks up a few more spots and specks here and there as you age. This is because your skin’s cell turnover is less frequent than when you’re in your 20s (when skin may feel like it’s indestructible) and takes a hit from sun exposure and lifestyle factors like drinking and smoking.

Fractional laser treatments can help you achieve an even skin tone and texture, which can leave you looking younger and revitalized. The laser’s energy stimulates collagen production, making way for new and fresh-looking skin – depending on the result you’re looking for, you may need anything from 2-5 sessions.


Vaginal rejuvenation treatment

Woman in red underwear with red flower in front of private area
Just like the rest of your body, your vagina ages. As you enter your 40s, the vagina’s pelvic floor muscles lose strength and become looser, and childbirth can exacerbate this.

The vagina’s ability to lubricate itself can also change as you grow older, which can make intercourse more difficult, and even cause a knock-on effect on your confidence. Non-surgical treatment like the O-Shot and FemiWand use PRP therapy and HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) energy respectively and can improve the aesthetics of the vulva and tighten specific areas that may have lost their elasticity due to ageing and lifestyle factors.

Do your research

Make sure you stay safe by only approaching reputable clinics for the treatments above :).

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  • Carrie says:

    My aunt recently had a pigmentation treatment, her results were quite amazing, her skin tone was very even compared to before. I would recommend them 🙂