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The truth about non-surgical facelifts

World markets are constantly evolving at a fast pace, with many disruptive technological advancements across all kinds of sectors. As you can expect, the...
Cosmetic Surgery Lady

Should I get cosmetic surgery?

I’ll start by saying just this: No one is perfect and the quicker we are to accept this, the better our life will get....
picture portraying someone's belly after losing weight

UK Sees 12% Rise In People Having Liposuction

Recent data shows that more women are seeking liposuction in the UK, with an increase of 12% since 2017 from 2,039 procedures to 2,286....
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Bodyvie – Aesthetic Experts in Richmond

Many of us are turning to non-surgical treatments when it comes to aesthetics procedures such as dermal fillers, Botox, laser hair removal and rhinoplasty,...
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The Best Ways To Protect Yourself Against UV Damage

Given the colder than average summer weather we’re experiencing here in the UK at the moment, it may be difficult to envisage how skin-related...